When the guy you live with transforms from boy to man,

9915 02when his voice takes on that deeper, stronger, more mellow tone
and you sometimes don’t even realize it’s him talking,

when the space he fills in a room becomes somehow more commanding
and your cute vintage couch is starting to seem ridiculously small,

9915 11when you’re lifting your chin higher every day just to look into his eyes—
that is, if you’re lucky enough to be granted the privilege—

when the “can you fix this for me” roles start to reverse
and the “can you lift this for me” roles already have,

9915 15when who he’s becoming has less and less to do with you
and so much more to do with him,

when all of this happens
in the span of four short seasons,

9915 10if you’re his mom,

your heart will swell with pride and awe as you welcome this man
and it might also ache just a bit as you say goodbye to the boy,

but you will see an amazing future ahead for him
and you will smile about it,

9915 09secretly,
to yourself of course,
without any gushing.

Because jeez, Mom.

Happy strong, smart, savvy and sweet sixteenth birthday to you, R-boy!

I love you like mad.


[Photo creds to R-girl: @alexandria_ry // Alex Anne Photography]