I’m having the sinking sensation
of love
gone awry.

It’s that feeling you get when two people
seem to be speaking
different languages
using the same set of words.


You know…
that thing where fear
acts like

and frustration
gets loud,

and “I’m right”
sounds an awful lot like
“you’re wrong.”

From my vantage point,
at least,
there have been quite a few times
this week,
when I’ve felt the sting of grace
judgement delivered,
kindness delayed,
and common ground

I’m hanging in there so far.

But I’m starting to fear
that this latest backlash
may be one lash too many
for some.

I’m afraid
that good and valuable people
are about to write each other off
too soon,
because the alternative is just

After all,
staying together
without destroying each other
will probably require
hearing each other.

And hearing each other is
nearly impossible
when you’re reduced
to a cliché.

And even when you’re not,
hearing is hard,
and inconvenient,
and annoying,
and exhausting,
and almost always risky.

Especially if you might
hear something
that requires
or growth,
or sacrifice.

But all of those things are
usually worth it,
I think,
when there’s something
worth fighting for.

And I think we are worth fighting for.


As in, all of us who live here
and currently disagree.

Yes, some relationships are
and they do need to end.
(I know this well.
More well than I wish.)

But I hope that’s not us.

I still believe
we have more in common
than we don’t.

I think we have a thing
worth saving.

And if we are to possibly save
this thing,
we might need to stop
and start

Or, even better,

One of the most powerful tools I’ve acquired in my lifetime is curiosity. It doesn’t always come naturally for me, and occasionally I’m afraid of what I might hear, but I’m trying to use more of it these days in particular, because it usually leads me away from judging and toward new and beautiful truths.

Here’s to maybe being a little more curious about each other, friends. And a little less sure.


P.S. Aren’t those bricks the best? They were another great find in downtown Baltimore on my recent business trip. We came upon a park paved with dozens of homophones. It was the word-nerd version of a yellow brick road. If only I would have had time to capture a few more…


  • Julie

    Laura – xxoo

  • Julie

    Deb – For you, and for me. xxoo

  • Laura

    All will be well, and all will be well, and all will be well. Because our real life is hidden with Christ. I love your tender words. I wish all words could be wise and gentle.

  • Deborah

    Huh. I’m curious, did you repost this just for me? Yeah. I thought so! ❤

  • Julie

    Thank you so much! It’s funny. I don’t always think of my writing as poetry. I write like this quite a lot – and I’m usually just looking for a way to add some rhythm and emotion to my words. But…perhaps…that’s poetry after all? Either way, thank you!!

  • Julie

    Thanks, Jonah! I think I spotted some poetry on your blog too. Great minds. 😉

  • Julie

    Thank you so much, Sameena!

  • alicasenhouse

    This was perfect given the 20th is tomorrow. You are a great writer and I was pleasantly surprised to see poetry on a blog.

  • Jonah Ven

    I love when people write poetry and share it. I feel like that’s gotten rarer as of late. And I love this one in particular.

  • Sameena | Dressing Well Doing Good

    You’re a great writer. Thank you so much for sharing and inspiring. 🙂

  • Julie

    Abbie – I found the bricks at a park in downtown Baltimore! Aren’t they great? There were hundreds more. Wish I could have captured them all.

  • pinkpaperdollblog

    You have me curious about the bricks! Did you find them that way or did you create the images?

  • Julie

    Amber – that means so much. And I LOVE that quote. Thank you!

  • Amber

    Love this. So wise. I can’t remember where I heard or read this, but it sticks with me: “Don’t get mad – get curious.”

    Your writing is legit inspiring.


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