What can I tell you?

I live in Minneapolis with R-kids in R-house,
surrounded by a rich helping of
R-friends and family.

As a longtime single mom
(who’s nearing the end of momming
as I know it),
I’m savoring my not.yet.empty.nest.

I’m also thoroughly enjoying the wings my kids are spreading.

Like most of us, my life is full
and good
and hard
and good.

And changing by the minute.

I like to say that I spend my days living the both/and—

the bitter/the sweet,
the pretty/the pretty ugly,
the ordinary/the holy heck—

and writing about it here.

Recently I’ve added:
…while laughing about it all as much as possible.
(And crying as needed.)



I’m here because words are my favorite.
I work with them in my day job
and play with them here.

I’m sharing a few of my
and noticings
because maybe,

just maybe,

I’m not the only one
trying to figure it all out.

Am I?


Look around and leave me a comment—or send me a direct message here. And, of course, feel free to share!

Thanks for stopping by, friends. I’m honored.