to mother - shorts and longs - julie rybarczyk

To mother is

to care for
to sacrifice
to protect

to soothe
to see
to hold

to cheer
to guide
to clean up messes

to play
to cry
to ache

to smother
to control
to royally mess up

to own it
to learn
to grow

to hang on
to let go

over and over again.



Whether the mothering in your life came from your mother, or from others, or from your own adult self; whether it came from somewhere up above, or someone unexpected, or some intricately woven combination of it all…

Whether you have birthed a child, or raised one, or loved one, or nurtured the child-heart inside someone else…

Whether your experience with your mother was safe and precious, or jagged and complex, or distant and unclear, or all of the above…

Happy Day of Truly Needed and Beautifully Human Mothers.




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