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To be a soul
that feels deeply
and creates wildly

to see a light
that must be painted

to feel a sadness
that must be sung

to know a grace
that must be written

to have a gift
that must be given

is to be alive

in the most real
of ways.

View More: http://alexannephotography.pass.us/whimsyBecause

and drawing
from your depths
requires the brave resolve

to shine brightly
and, also,
fall brilliantly

like a glowing red leaf
from a tree ripe with autumn.

And so
you create
you write
you paint
you sing
you make

you risk.

For if you don’t
you will wither up
and crumble away slowly

And, while you are never quite sure
that anything other than paint drips
will come from it

you hope that

the color of your life
and the canvas of your work
will bleed love
or hope
or laughter
or, maybe, aching beauty
into the edges of another soul
at least once in a while.

And you believe that it might.

Because you have been tinged
in this very same way.


Here’s to making what you make, friends, from the bottom of your heart.

And here’s to R-girl, who dragged me outside and positioned me at will so her creative vision could come to life (see more of the shoot here). She’s just one of the many creatives who inspire me daily.



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  • Julie

    I’m so grateful that my life has been tinged by your creations and your life, Jonathan!

  • Jonathan W

    This needs a frame and to hang on a wall where it can remind me, daily, what being tinged in this way is all about. All of it, but especially the last part. (Otherwise we’re talking a wall-sized frame or 6pt type. Ha!) Seriously, this thought is so good, necessary and well put. Thank you for this beautiful gift.


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