advent n. A coming into place, view, or being; arrival.

candlelight services - shorts and longs - julie rybarczykSometimes,
while we wait for
the thing that we have been waiting for
to come into view,
or being,
or to just please hurry up and arrive,

we light a candle,
and stand together,
and sing a song,
and say a prayer,

and we know that we are not alone
in the wait.

Other times,
there are no candles in sight
and no one is singing
or praying
and we feel very,
very alone.

And sometimes,
the anticipation of
the thing that we have been waiting for
feels as though it might literally make us burst,
or cry,
or lose hope,
or snap at the unhelpful lady behind the counter,
or snap at ourselves for snapping at the unhelpful lady.

In fact, often it does
make some of us
do some of that.

But not me, of course.

And, then,
to top it off,

the thing that we have been waiting for
finally does arrive,

and it doesn’t look anything like
what we were

baby jesus manger - shorts and longs - julie rybarczyk

on days like today,
that is actually
so much




Christmas arrived today, friends. I hope it was at least most of what you hoped for. Peace and love to you in all you still await.




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