My workload lately has been a bit over the top.

As in, when the sun comes up, I’ve been at it for hours. After it sets, I’ve usually got a few more. Occasionally I forget to breathe in between. But let me be clear. I am not complaining. I am doing some fun projects, I’ve got great clients, I get to work from home, I am my own boss, this is just a temporary season of busy-ness, and last year at this time I was having the exact opposite problem, with my first-ever client drought in 14 years of freelancing – during which time I was waking up with panic attacks in the middle of the night and wondering if I should just head down to Cub Foods and start a new career as a cashier.

So. Not complaining.

But, needing a break! And yet… what, oh what could be worth the risk and sacrifice of playing hooky for an entire afternoon…?

bangbang salon - shorts and longs - julie rybarczyk08Exactly.

BANGbang Salon. I mean, come on. The name itself, people? Right? And the logo?

So that was my Tuesday afternoon. And let me tell you, the only thing I love more than absorbing myself into a hip, creative atmosphere with hip, creative, absolutely delightful friends is…

bangbang salon - shorts and longs - julie rybarczyk01

I can’t remember.

bangbang salon - shorts and longs - julie rybarczyk02 bangbang salon - shorts and longs - julie rybarczyk05 bangbang salon - shorts and longs - julie rybarczyk04

Oh, yes! Now I remember. It’s all that PLUS catching up on the latest fashion mags…

bangbang salon - shorts and longs - julie rybarczyk06

and enjoying a hot cup of tea while being fussed over by (and sharing a heart-to-heart with) the very talented Miss Ashley…

bangbang salon - shorts and longs - julie rybarczyk03

and savoring this view, which is way, way better than it looks in the picture because the only way to catch it is while you are comfortably reclined with your neck resting on a warm towel while someone is massaging your temples and running hot water over your hair…

bangbang salon - shorts and longs - julie rybarczyk07Oh, and also? Having amazing hair when I leave.

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Here’s to happy hair, friends. And taking breaks. And getting your beautiful back.




P.S. You guys seriously need to get yourselves down to BANGbang even if it’s just to check out the artwork, which is curated by the salon and features crazy talented local artists.

bangbang salon - shorts and longs - julie rybarczyk1Or heck, just come join me at their Holiday Trunk Show! (P.S. Check out the flier I designed:)








  • Marianne (Mom)

    I am SO very thankful you do this….and to think I saw you yesterday and didn’t take notice….too focused on not bothering you too much by getting your expert help for a good cause (ALEX’s quilt) Love you…..

  • Julie

    Stephanie, agree, agree, agree. And thank you!!

  • Stephanie

    It’s the place to go, get cut, sit back, relax and be inspired! These photos are fantastic. Good capture!


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