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BANGbang Salon. I mean, come on. The name itself, people? Right? And the logo?

So that was my Tuesday afternoon. And let me tell you, the only thing I love more than absorbing myself into a hip, creative atmosphere with hip, creative, absolutely delightful friends is…


It’s all enough to make this first-born, type-A, straight-A, single-momming, self-employed girl want to hole up, buckle down and take care of things. Make things better. Fix things. Soothe things. Prevent things. Get things done. Check things off the list. All while clenching her fists and holding her breath until maybe, someday, the list will be a little less long and the needs a little lighter.


Hey R-boy, when you leave your Bucky Balls sitting on (stuck to) the stainless steel table in the kitchen, the …