Just minutes after this happened today:

screen porch cushions - shorts and longs - julie rybarczyk1

This did:

screen porch cushions - shorts and longs - julie rybarczyk2Because right after I got the cushions back on the screen porch, the first spring downpour of the year blew into the neighborhood – complete with thunder. (Minus the snow, thank you God!!) With temps more than double what they were six days ago.

I cannot adequately express the awesomeness.

As the first scent of that spring rain began wafting through the open French doors, R-boy emerged from his room, itching to get wet. He headed out to the basketball hoop in the rain and the sound of the bouncing ball called out to other cooped-up neighbor boys, who started showing up from blocks away to play.

The rain stopped pretty quickly, but the basketball game didn’t – and neither did the neighborhood.

I’ve spent hours today catching up with the people who live literally within feet of R-house – people I haven’t seen in months – people I really, really like. Including our adorable brand new neighbors from Tennessee who have four boys under the age of four, plus a puppy Rottweiler, all bouncing around in their cute little home. (I know!)

Have I mentioned how much I love our neighborhood?

I’m so glad it’s on the loose again.


P.S. Friday night I was with a friend who I see way more on social media than in person. This friend mentioned that – based on my tweets and Instagram posts – it’s kind of hard to tell how I actually feel about the weather.

I’ll try to be more clear in the future.


  • Julie

    Lora – Oh dang on the furniture scramble! And lol on the highly motivated kids. 🙂 I’m starting to think there is no such thing as “normal” weather anymore. Sigh…!

  • Lora

    We got hit with that very quick bolt of thunder & downpour & even a little hail! I love me a spring shower (instead of snow), but I had a whole driveway-full of freshly painted milkpaint (water-based) furniture!! Ugh! With PMS contributing to my frustration, I think my kids heard me swear more than they ever have before…which really got them throwing all the items in the garage faster! Will we ever have “normal” weather in Minnesota again??


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