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For the past month or two, I’ve had a growing sense of concern nipping at the back of my mind that I may have lost the key to our screen porch door lock.

And by lost, I mean put it in a very special place that I could no longer remember, for safekeeping over the winter.

And by door lock, I don’t mean the cute old-fashioned one in the picture up above. I mean a real, serious deadbolt that a kind friend installed for me last year.

So a couple of weeks ago I decided to start casually searching – despite the unending parade of blizzards outside. I was choosing to believe that eventually, I would someday actually open my screen porch again.

If I could find the key, that is.

Which I could not.

Even when I started searching in earnest.

Leaving us with the ridiculous possibility that we were locked into our house and out of our screen porch, indefinitely.

Until, last Thursday, while I was literally holding the phone number for a local locksmith in my hand ready to call them up when I suddenly had a sneaking suspicion that the very special place I had put the screen porch key was exactly where I had been looking all along – in the junk drawer “key box” – and that the nagging recollection I had, of putting it in a place that I might not remember, was because last fall I had deposited the key into the key box with no key chain or label on it.

A bare naked key.

In the midst of a dozen or so other undressed keys. (Seriously, what’s with all these orphan keys? Do they breed like rabbits in the junk drawer? And how could I have left such an important key so vulnerable??)

So, I started testing all those unmarked keys, one by one…

And guess what?

screen porch key - shorts and longs - julie rybarczyk 2

Today, the screen porch was opened for business.

With a brand-spanking-new label of honor dangling from its key.

Because that baby is just too darn important to ever be lost again.


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