Tonight I came home late to R-house, and guess what I found when I walked in the door.

empty couches - shorts and longs - julie rybarczyk1 empty couches - shorts and longs - julie rybarczyk2Empty couches.

Everywhere I looked.

So, ok, sure. This actually happens to me on a fairly regular basis. Every other weekend, in fact, when R-kids are off spending time with their dad.

But most every other night of the year, this is where I might find them.

See, we are a whole entire household of people over here who are more energized by spending time alone than with other people (a.k.a. classic introverts), which is probably why my kids have always spent so much time cozying up at home. Or maybe they just don’t have enough friends with cars yet. Whatever the reason, the fact is, my teens haven’t been as teenagery as some when it comes to vanishing into the absent abyss of teenagedom.

In fact, often a few other citizens of teenagedom can be found hanging around at R-house. (One of my favorite things in the world.)

But tonight, I came home to find that both of my teenagers were out on the town with other teenagers.


I can feel a page turning…

And I’m sipping a little red wine while I decide how I feel about this.



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