Please be especially nice to us Minnesotans right now. Yes, we might be a little extra crabby lately. Or confused. Disoriented. We might wander off in the middle of a sentence now and then. We might be downright whiny.

But that’s because here we are.

mountain of snow | shorts and longs | julie rybarczykSitting in our nice spring clothes

while still—still—strapping on our winter boots

and waiting
and waiting
and waiting

for spring.

Or at least
please oh please

just a glimpse
a sliver
of sunshine.

And, as of today,
no sign of either.

(very loud and emphatic) Sigh.



That pic? It’s a found photo, discovered on a recent thrifting trip.


  • Julie

    Yes! Travel as far as necessary to discover actual springtime *somewhere*!! Soak it all in for me. Enjoy.

  • Julie

    Amen, sister.

  • Mom

    My heart truly goes out to you and others like you who are not particularly fond of winter in the first place….but even I am tired of it! Hmm Anyway, Dad and I are now headed to the west coast through a major winter storm but thankfully we will be snug in our train berth (at least we hope to be!) and enjoying spring weather in Oregon! Not intending to rub it in but wanting to say we care!! Love ya!

  • Diane

    I put on my turtleneck and sweater today, the heck with fashion!

    I want to be warm!


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