Last week I came across R-boy’s school journal from three grades back. The boy is brilliant.

Check it out.

gift list for mom | shorts and longs

Seriously. You could just go ahead and change a few details (make that an iPhone 5, I already got the pink couch but I’ll take another…), and that could pretty much be my Christmas list for Santa.

I don’t personally need TVs in my car, but if they were there, I guess R-boy wouldn’t mind.

Actually, I don’t need any of those things but hey this is R-boy’s list not mine. And I’m just saying. He knows a thing or two.

I mean, people. Even Bon Jovi tickets are in the running this Christmas. (April 7, 2013!)

R-boy at Thanksgiving | shorts and longs6

Yeah. This one’s a keeper.

R-boy at Thanksgiving | shorts and longs1

R-boy at Thanksgiving | shorts and longs4


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