This almost happened.

pink couch 01616_cyV4UB7Y2aM_600x450I know.


I mean, yes.

I do already have the most amazing pink couch in town. And it looks quite smashing and keeps us very comfy in our cozy little TV lounge (a.k.a. converted dining room). And I love it!!

my pink couch 21 - shorts and longs - julie rybarczykBut. Do you happen to remember where this whole pink couch obsession began?

It was here, in a picture from Design*Sponge:

pinkcouchAnd also here.

And I’ve often wondered…

If I could actually find a velvet version, might I be willing to part with my Dear Abby couch and pass it along to some other deserving soul?


I even wondered recently with some friends about whether I would ever possibly re-cover the current couch in our living room. To a lovely shade of deep pink velvet.

couch 2 - shorts and longs - julie rybarczyk

But, then again, I’ve also wondered if it’s time for a big change. Maybe something not pink at all???

And so, in the midst of all my wondering, one day last week I pulled up the Craigslist search box (where so many great stories begin, friends), took a breath, and typed in: couch.

Not pink couch or vintage couch or retro sofa or any of my regular searches.

This time, I just typed couch, and started browsing.

And, suddenly (after pages and pages of overstuffed, faux-leather 1990s beasts), there was this.

pink couch 01616_cyV4UB7Y2aM_600x450

For $40.

Uh, what?




I immediately responded to the seller in all three of their provided formats: one email address and two text numbers. “Is your pink couch still available? I’m very interested.”

I won’t make you wait as long as I had to to know how this story ends (I know you’re on the edge of your seat).

Alas, as I alluded to earlier, this pink couch was not meant to be. For two very valid reasons.


One, this couch is (allegedly) not pink.

I know, I know. It looks like a fabulously over-the-top shade of magenta, right? But, through a series of emails and texts (in which I was barely hiding my giddy excitement, while hoping they wouldn’t suddenly quadruple the price), I asked the seller three times to tell me a little more about the exact shade of pink. Each time, they assured me: “It’s not pink. It’s red.”

Wait, what? Are you sure? It looks very pink/purple/magenta from here.

“No,” they replied. “It’s crimson.”


I became concerned that perhaps these well-meaning folks must be color-blind, so I called R-boy up to the loft office. “R-boy, look at this couch. Does that look pink or red to you?”

“No,” he said.

“What? It’s not pink or red?”


“No what?”

“No you can’t buy that couch.”

“But. It’s pink! (Or possibly red.)”

“We have too much pink already. You can’t buy it.” And he walked back downstairs.

“But what if we only have one pink couch?” I shouted behind him. “What if I get rid of the one we already have!”

“I like the one we already have!” he yelled up from his seat on the gorgeous pink couch we already have.



The boy does have a point.

Also, he’s really not a boy anymore.

The fantastic young man I live with and love has just announced that he’s not okay with a flamboyantly pink (but apparently not actually pink) couch in his living room, especially when we have a perfectly amazing pink couch already sitting in front of the TV.

Point taken.

Although, I’ll admit, if that Craigslist pink couch was actually pink, I might be fighting this a bit harder. I am The Mother after all (insert evil laugh).

This whole thing is sounding a bit familiar, though…

Oh, right! This is what my married girlfriends with similarly funky tastes have been bumping into for years in their own houses. Men. With tastes and opinions.

And, compromise.

I do appreciate men with tastes and opinions. I do.

So, friends… R-boy is Reason Number Two, bless his non-pink-loving soul.


Okay, now that we’ve settled that, I’ve definitely got the itch to switch things up in that living room of ours. It’s been way too long.


What color couch should I be searching for instead??