What’s the best thing to do on a brilliantly sunny Minneapolis day that isn’t going to break zero degrees as its high temperature?

frozen ice crystals window - shorts and longs - julie rybarczyk

Put on about – let me see –


layers of shirts, sweaters, and scarves, including two layers of wool; pull on your serious winter boots; crank up the seat heaters in the car; and take your favorite boy to see a morning matinée of Disney’s new movie, Frozen, of course. (With free tickets AND popcorn, courtesy of a fabulous client!)

And can I just say?

Even though 50% of the movie (and 100% of getting there) had me shivering, it was worth all the chills.

R-boy’s favorite game is to see how many times I tear up during a movie (TV show, commercial, song, sermon at church, etc…), and he’s gotten pretty good at predicting which things will choke me up. He likes to give me three punches on the arm every time he catches my eyes brimming.

Let’s just say I have a sore arm this afternoon.

I loved it. Best Disney movie I’ve seen in ages. I might even need some of those songs in my iTunes, Santa. (Hint, hint.)

Here’s to surviving all things frozen, friends! Stay warm.


P.S. Perhaps R-house is a little drafty, but you can’t enjoy frost that beautiful on an energy-efficient window, people.


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  • Laura

    Oh what a picture! And you make me want to see the movie.

    Does Julie need a new heat sock? They don’t last forever.

    Sending warm hugs…


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