One of my favorite parts of being a mom is watching my kidsĀ solve things for themselves.

rubiks cube-shorts and longs-julie rybarczyk1Sometimes I’m privileged enough to get a glimpse into their process – to hear them struggling through the mess of it, bouncing back from their mistakes, and zeroing in on what might or might not work for them.

Other times I just happen to stumble upon the results.

rubiks cube-shorts and longs-julie rybarczyk3Many of the challenges R-kids have had to face in their young lives are things that I never encountered as a kid, or even as an adult.

Others I did.

Either way, when I witness one of my children coming up with a solution or mastering a challenge – especially to problems that I once believed insurmountable – it’s pretty stunning.

rubiks cube-shorts and longs-julie rybarczyk2Like audible-gasp stunning.

And sometimes I get to enjoy that experience over and over, everywhere I turn, for days on end.

rubiks cube-shorts and longs-julie rybarczyk4

Lucky, lucky me.