My first bike ride of the season! Uphill both ways.

Ok, not all the way both ways – but there were heart-pumping inclines at various points both ways. Heart-pumping for those of us who haven’t moved in a while, at least. Especially those of us dragging a Rhino along.

biking | shorts and longs

I feel like I should be clear.

What did I just commit to here? Getting my heart rate up for 20 minutes a day – every day – for the rest of my life? Yes, yes, that would be ideal. But I need a goal I can actually achieve so I’m starting with every day for the next two weeks.

I can do that.

But I’m seriously considering converting my personal challenge into this one. Because, come on. That’s doable. And I never did earn that Presidential Physical Fitness Award in school, not even the red one. (Although I did earn the Academic Fitness one without really trying, for what that’s worth).

Anyone want to join?


by julie rybarczyk