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For every one of those inspiring athletes
in Sochi
who are putting it all on the line.

For the ones who are
facing down fears
and doubts
and doubters

pushing past limits
blowing past barriers

and sacrificing
it all

feeling the pain
straining for the prize

and hitting
every single wall along the way

again and again

but, somehow, never giving up
not now
not ever

still fighting to win
still believing they can

still boldly declaring to the entire world
exactly what it is they want
and just how badly they want it

even if they may never actually get it.

For all of them

and for the rest of us too,
who are doing exactly the same thing in our everyday lives,

a playlist.





P.S. This is music for when it’s basically you against the world. To listen, just click the photo above, or go here. These are the songs that currently keep me fighting the good fight.

Rise Up | Green River Ordinance
Unstoppable | Rascal Flatts
Can’t Box Me In | Honor Society
Can’t Stop | Ozomatli
Eye of the Tiger | Survivor
It’s My Life | Bon Jovi
I Won’t Back Down | Tom Petty
The Climb | Miley Cyrus
I Was Here | Lady Antebellum
Man in Motion | From St. Elmo’s Fire
Titanium (feat. Sia) | David Guetta
Hello Hurricane | Switchfoot
This is Not The Last Time | David Cook
Let it Go | Demi Lovato
Stand Up | James Durbin
Remember the Name | Fort Minor
Never Say Never (feat. Jaden Smith) | Justin Bieber
Hall of Fame (feat. | The Script

You may recognize a few of these songs from this playlist that I made for the last Winter Olympics. Enjoy (again).

P.P.S. What are your fight songs? Please tell me. I’m always looking for more…!


  • Julie

    Laura and Larry, you guys reminded me of my Josh Garrels Love and War CD that I haven’t listened to in a while and probably never fully soaked in (it was a free Noisetrade download and it got lost in the mix here). Truly, so brilliant. The words, the music, the courageous vulnerability. I love the three songs you named, Laura – and, Larry, I think I could own this as a soundtrack of my life as well… Thanks for inspiring me to listen again.

  • Larry Shallenberger

    I just discovered Garrel’s. That album is the soundtrack for my life right now. Those are brilliant songs.

  • Laura

    The Resistance (Josh Garrels)
    Beyond the Blue (Josh Garrels)
    Pilot Me (Josh Garrels)

    Yep, pretty much all we listen to is Josh Garrels. We are so boring and he is so talented. A wordsmith, so you’ll like him.

    As always, you are too cool for me.

    I Heart you.

  • Julie

    Larry – love it and thank you!! Totally checking these out. And, yes, Eminem has done it for me a few times…

  • Larry Shallenberger

    Switchfoot– Dark Horses
    Jack’s Mannequin– Swim

    Embarassed to say that in a pinch, Eminem will do.


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