you are missed - shorts and longs - julie rybarczykI don’t like goodbyes.

At all.

I never have.

I’m just not a fan of endings, even though I know from experience that endings – even (or maybe especially?) hard ones – lead to new beginnings.

Closing one door opens another.

Letting something go leaves space for something better, richer, more real, more right. Blah, blah, blah, whatever.

Can’t we just get to the fresh beginnings without the sad endings once in a while?


Anyway, these days, when I’m walking up to my front door or glancing out my bedroom window, I’m very aware of an ending right next door.

Neighbor Janet has moved away.

I hope she knows I don’t like it.

And that she is missed.



P.S. This is not the first sad ending in the blue house next door. Do you remember sweet, beautiful Betsy?? There was no one like her. You must meet her, here, in one of my very favorite posts from the past.

Here’s to finding some happy in your endings, friends.


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