For weeks,
the sky has been
covering us
in a thick canopy of
blocking all sign of the sun,
which seems to have
moved on,
in search of brighter days.

But yesterday,
the whiteness above
finally broke
from the clouds
and silently piled up
beneath our boots
and over our branches.

Today, the color was
but, somehow,
everything was
more vivid
than it’s been
in a long time.

It’s darker,
but also brighter.

It’s the same world,
and yet not.

The unraked leaves.
The frozen, forgotten gardens.
The muddy old dreariness of our rust-prone lives.

For today, at least,
all of it is covered
in an endless blanket of

And it feels
to me
a bit like grace.

And, of course,

Here’s to the season of white, friends. May you have warm hands, warm snuggles, and a warm place to enjoy it. xo