I came across a blog recently that says this:
Legend has it that Ernest Hemingway was challenged to write a story in just six words. The result: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” Hemingway regarded it as his greatest work.

Perhaps all the NaNoWriMo writers who are cranking out 50,000 words this November should consider this approach. (That one’s for you, R-girl.)

Anyway, the Hemingway legend hasn’t been verified but, in that spirit, writer Van Horgen and designer Anne Ulku have created over 300 six-word stories so far in 2010—one for every day.

Now, I love words. And compelling words with the perfect design/layout/fonts? Goosebumps! So I’m all about this concept. Way to go Van and Anne.

But I have to say that browsing this site felt a bit like reading a few dozen Oprah bookclub books in one sitting. A whole parade of tragic, painful, shocking, sad, and life-changing circumstances, sprinkled with a little humor and hope here and there. Plus a lot of unanswered questions.

I could only take so much.

Maybe I’m a wimp. Maybe a few hit too close to home. Maybe I’m hormonal. Who knows.

On the other hand, that messy stuff is usually what makes for a good story.

And it did get my wheels spinning. What if we each had our own six-word story? (Because we do.) What if it was posted on our shirt, for everyone to see?

Would ours look any less messy?

And what would my story be?


Ok so I picked one. It’s not my whole story, that’s for sure.

But it could be a chapter title in my book.

The kind that gives you just a glimpse, but still leaves you hanging. (Don’t you hate that?!)


It’s either that, or: She still hopes there’s really more.

Yeah. That might be the latest chapter.

What’s yours?

by julie rybarczyk

All six-word story artwork from Six Word Story Every Day.


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