Some people climb the ladder to success. Last Friday, I climbed it to my 1:30 meeting.

general - shorts and longs 113

This was no cloudy, dull snoozer of a meeting.

general - shorts and longs5

It was a sunny blast of fresh inspiration. With a side of gluten-free snickerdoodles. And tea.

general - shorts and longs1

No walls to box us in. No glass ceiling to hold us down.

general - shorts and longs2

No ceiling at all. Making it a lot easier to remember that the sky actually is the limit.

general - shorts and longs 12

Especially when the person who called this meeting had also just finished designing, building and beautifying the custom tree fort in which we were sitting.

general - shorts and longs 112And still had time to drag the table, chairs and treats up the ladder for us meeting participants, who had gladly accepted the call to sit in the treetops and review a manuscript on a finally sunny (but still just a tad chilly) spring day.

general - shorts and longs 111And who struggled to capture the full height of this invite-me-again locale.

general - shorts and longs6

Three writers.
One tree fort.
Dreams, egos and written words vulnerably placed on the table.

Sounds like a plot just waiting to happen.



P.S. Jonathan and Kate. Not sure any meeting will quite top that one. But we can try!