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Perhaps I should have bought this breath spray when I saw it in Portland.

Maybe it actually works?

On days like today – a day sandwiched between yet another high school reunion (last night) and yet another birthday (tomorrow) – it would


be helpful.

I mean, the fact is.

I’m not any older than 28.


Which makes sense because I read somewhere that most adults feel approximately 15 years younger than they are.

Which would be about
exactly right.

Which is also

Because wasn’t I just here?
Smiling with my senior class?

not old julie | the both and | shorts and longs


Yes I was.

So how old am I, really?

And how do I make my brain catch up?

Or my body slow down?

And does it all really matter anyway?


That’s enough philosophy for tonight.

I think it’s time to go apply some wrinkle cream and smile at my aging self in the mirror – and think of all the hard-won nuggets and gems that can be found in absolutely no other way than through the living of life and the passing of years – before falling exhausted into bed.

Here’s to aging gracefully, people.

Whatever the heck that means.

by julie rybarczyk


  • Julie

    Lora – same year, different school! Fridley! My kids and I were laughing because we all have the exact same hair. You could just replace any face with any hair and it would still look the same. I guess that holds true from school to school, hahahha. Go 86ers!

  • lora

    Did we go to the same school or is it just the 80’s hair throwing me off? I graduated from Patrick Henry in 86 and that class picture sure looks familiar!

  • Julie

    “Who has time to age?” = Brilliant.

    I mean really.

  • emily

    OH! That is it! You are right! Yes, who can keep track, and what does it mean and another one, who has time to age?? Ok, that is basically foolish speak, but yeah – in the middle of it all, we age??


    So I engaged in your thought process here.

    And I also want to say, you are closer to 28 than 100. Way way closer to 28.

    And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!!!!!!

  • Julie

    Andi – It just doesn’t add up. It probably never will. (?!?!?) Thanks for the birthday greeting – and I hope your 28th birthday was great last week as well!

  • Julie

    Brit – It’s mind boggling! And wonderful. Thanks for the sweet wishes!!

  • Andi

    Happy Birthday to you, dear friend!

    Seriously–what is up with the numbers??? And how come birthdays seem to come faster? 🙂
    28 sounds like the perfect age. Let’s just stick with that mentally and that other number that continues to grow will just be for drivers licenses. K?

  • Britt

    My thoughts exactly! Jamie turned 50 a couple of weeks ago – 50!!!! Seems weird and impossible and yet life is so fully blessed! Have an awesome day – may it be filled to overflowing with many blessings!!


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