As you know, I’ve been involved in a search for the ever-elusive “One.”

(It started somewhere back here.)

And can I just say? My heart has swelled at how many of you have taken up this quest on my behalf—faithfully emailing me photos and contact info for SEVERAL AMAZING “Ones”—from all over the country!

We’re talking make-my-heart-race photos.

You guys rock!!

I’ll be honest. I’ve been guarding my heart a bit. I mean, I don’t want to get too attached to any of these prospects. What if it doesn’t work out? What if this is just a dream?

I haven’t been too excited about broken hearts lately.

But, regardless, last Friday I finally had a date. Just a happy-hour, meet-and-greet date (and R-boy was along for the ride), but it was an in-person date nonetheless.

So? Do you want details?

pink couch dear abby3 | the both and | shorts and longs | julie rybarczyk

pink couch dear abby | the both and | shorts and longs | julie rybarczyk

pink couch dear abby2 | the both and | shorts and longs | julie rybarczyk

Yeah. I know.

I feel the same way.

And don’t even get me started on how this couch used to belong to Abigail Van Buran (Dear Abby!).

As in, “Dear Abby, I think I just found ‘The One.’ I mean it’s not exactly the measurements or color I was wanting, and I might have to sacrifice the next couple months’ grocery budget to afford it at this moment, but then again this One is sitting right here in front of me and it’s stealing my heart. What if another One never comes along???? What if this is my chance? What should I do?!”

Well I didn’t hear back from Abby, but…there’s this.

I’ve been thinking.

Maybe, just because “One” shows up out of the clear blue sky (i.e. the Internet) and looks tantalizing and makes me swoon and invites me to sit for a while…

…maybe just maybe that doesn’t necessarily positively mean it’s “The One” for me.

(Oh my heart is breaking as I write this.)

It appears that I may have disregarded a few small details regarding timing. And priorities. And budget. *sigh*

And so, for those of you who are willing to ride out this search with me, keep sending me those amazing finds. When I am ready, one of them will one day be “The One” for me.

I won’t stop believing.

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