Technically speaking,
I don’t neeeeeed dark chocolate.

It’s not like breath,
or water,
or sustenance,
or love.

But realistically speaking,
I do
and it is.

Technically speaking,
it’s not winter,
and it’s not freezing,
and adding a sweater should be enough.

But realistically speaking,
it basically is,
and I am,
and I did,
and it’s not.

Technically speaking,
I shouldn’t automatically forget my purse at home
just because I’m in a conversation
while I’m walking out the door.

But realistically speaking,
I will.

Technically speaking,
being a parent lasts forever.

But realistically speaking,
it doesn’t.

At least not in the way it felt like
it would
back when you first became one.

These are a few things I’ve been thinking about lately. Because it’s just not all as simple and scientific as it seems, is it, friends? And maybe that’s okay. Maybe it is.



  • Julie

    Thanks Mark! I know you get it. 😉

  • Mark McNeil

    Ha! So True.. insightful and amusing cuz! 🙂


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