In response to those who’ve been asking (which is more of you than I would have thought; apparently this is the summer cliffhanger?)…

The siding is coming, friends. It’s coming.

When I announced on Instagram a few weeks ago that our sweet yellow R-house would soon be changing color, I may have overestimated how quickly the makeover would be complete.

The roof is complete, and the flowers have blossomed… If you want roofing results like mine for your home then you may wish to consider getting someone like this roofing company in ada, mi, on the job! If you live in a particularly hot area, like Florida, which leaves your roof prone to falling foul to relentless rays and intense downpours, something like tile roof sealing at panterapavers.com can help to prevent chipping, breakage, and discoloration of your roofing.

…but, as for the siding, it goes something like this.

  • If you give a girl a new roof (using a company that offers roof repairs and replacements, like this one – you can » view page
    here if you want to) and siding (thanks to hail damage), she will need new windows. Or at least windows that aren’t hopelessly chipped and painted a color that will no longer match. (Which they were.)
  • And then that girl will have to decide if she wants to buy new, cookie-cutter vinyl windows or keep her charming, irreplaceable windows, which need to be scraped, reglazed, repaired, and repainted.
  • And then the girl will eventually (after much deliberation) make the obvious choice.
  • And then she will have to search and search to find someone who is willing to do all that window work.
  • And the siding will need to wait until the windows are complete.
  • And the windows can only be completed when there isn’t rain, threat of rain, or (totally deserved, although unexpected) handyman vacations interrupting the work.
  • And meanwhile there’s the matter of boatloads of insurance paperwork that threaten to take over the girl’s actual full-time job.
  • Also there’s the matter of really, truly committing to that final siding color, texture, and material. The assistance of a siding company, for example, could help make these decisions a lot easier to make.
  • On the dotted line.
  • And, if you know this girl, you know she doesn’t love making the 42 million decisions involved in house projects without a partner. And she is especially nervous about this one.
  • But this girl has done it before and, now, she’s done it again.
  • Yes. Yes, she has.

So the windows are finally close to done. The light fixtures and house numbers are ready and waiting. And, if Doug the siding guy is reading this right now, he’ll know I’ll be calling him tomorrow with the final go-ahead. (!!)

Only 7 million decisions remain, but we are making progress.

Meanwhile, believe it or not, even more projects and decisions are happening inside R-house, and it feels soooo good!

That is, it did feel good until all projects, inside and out, got derailed by an incredibly-unwelcome, all-consuming, endlessly frustrating household complication. And I will probably say more later but, for now, that complication is still swirling about over here and I just can’t even right now.

Recently, in a goodnight prayer with Alex, considering all that we’re in the middle of, I said, “…and, God, please bless our house…”

“Bless our HEARTS?!” she interrupted, mis-hearing me.

We both decided we liked that version better, so it’s become a bit of a mantra over here.

Feel free to steal it.


Here’s to the process, friends. And the transformations. And the complications.

Bless our hearts. All of us.