The thing that gets me about New York
is the same thing that gets me
about life.

There’s so much to it.

So many layers.
So many angles.

How you see it depends on who you are
and where you’re at.
In any given moment.

One person is soaring
beyond their dreams
and another is trudging
through a tunnel of frustration.

One person is glamour,
another is grit,
and another is 52 years of just showing up.

One person is struggling to scrounge up dinner,
another is turning dinner into a masterpiece,
another is spending 12 months’ worth of groceries on VIP drinks at a nightclub.

And a whole bunch of people are doing some variation of all of that,
depending on the day.

All under the same New York moon.

There’s so much both/and.

So many stories.

Whatever it is you’re loving,
looking for,
running from,
or longing for,
there’s a good chance you can find
at least a taste of it
in New York City.

if you’re me,
(and if you’re lucky)
you’ll sometimes find it in

And that will just be one more reason
you love this city so.

Here’s to finding beauty, friends, wherever you are.

And in whatever color you prefer.


These pics are all from my recent trip to NYC. I’ve hotlinked most of them so you can see where these bits of pink came from.

Just click the pics. Enjoy!

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