hangers - shorts and longs - julie rybarczykYesterday I came across this remnant
of days gone by.

A little hanger-on
to what once was.

And visions flashed through my mind

of waking up to discover
that the size 4T shirt that fit R-girl last Sunday
was now creeping awkwardly up
her belly button,

or the shorts that were just the right amount of short
for R-boy last month
were now Richard-Simmons-short.

The kind of scene that has replayed itself day after day.
Month after month.
Year after year.
On an endless loop
that is not done yet.

I have often wondered
what these growing bodies will look like,
on the day they stop growing.

Sometimes I can hardly wait to find out.

But finding that mini hanger made me remember
what an absolute pleasure
and privilege
it is
to do life with people
who are growing.

To know that who you see today
is just a glimpse of
who they are becoming.

To watch them outgrow
the old
and take on the new.

To not yet know the end of the story.

And I realized

I hope that moment never arrives.

That moment
when my children
have stopped


Happy Mother’s Day!