new sweater | the both and | shorts and longs | julie rybarczykToday was a day I was kind of hoping wouldn’t come, for reasons that have nothing to do with the new number attached to my age.

It’s just been about The Hardest Year Ever, and this date… Well. I just was wishing we could skip it.

We couldn’t, of course.

But thanks to the beautiful, hands-on support of people who believe in me (I am speechless at all the amazing words and love I received this weekend, including this and this—holy cow), I was so built up by the time this morning came that I was able to spend the whole day exactly the way I would have wanted.

With R-kids. Breakfasting out. Worshipping. Wandering through the fall beauty. Exploring the city. Snooping through other people’s 110-year-old mansions (it was an open house, people). Buying other people’s stuff (estate sales, thrift stores, and Hunt & Gather!). Stopping for tea and treats. Dreaming of where we would go, or live, or travel if we could. Laughing. Shopping. Doing BBQ and blues music in Uptown. Coming home to find Ma and Pa waiting with more goodies.

Oh, and also finding a great sweater at Anthro that I could actually buy because the girls treated me to some birthday cash, thankyouverymuch. (Do you love it, girls?!)

I’ll be honest. These next few months might get brutal. But I can say I am ending this weekend feeling loved. Filled.

I didn’t think I would, but I am.

And I smiled today. Quite a bit.

So, here we go. Here’s to a new year. One day down, a few stinking hundred some to go.

By the way. I’m all about reuse and recycle—but this year…

New would be nice.

by julie rybarczyk


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    October 8, 2010 - 5:05 pm