Because sometimes a picture

underwood typewriter | shorts and longs | julie rybarczyk 13 copy

really is worth

underwood typewriter | shorts and longs | julie rybarczyk 11 copy

a thousand

underwood typewriter | shorts and longs | julie rybarczyk 12 copywords.

Or keystrokes.

And because why not combine two of my faves: vintage typewriters and vintage needlework.

And because the typewriter was only $3.75 and the needlework has been floating around R-house looking for a place to land.

I say yes.


I hope your week has been going well, friends. Mine has been exhausting and the rhino has been heavy. And, for reasons that I think are pretty valid but that still feel like excuses (i.e. never being home because I’m running children from one end of the earth to the other every night), I made it 11 days in my personal challenge instead of 14.

But I’m being nice to myself about it because I think that’s what myself needs. And I’m going to do some more moving tonight, right now, before I fall into bed. Because not finishing strong doesn’t mean quitting forever.

Here’s to grace! Here’s to sleep!



  • emily

    Making it to day 11! Now that is worth celebrating!!!!! And that darn sweet typo-writ-er. They just sit there and call something out of anyone passing by. Like, can I have a word?

  • Julie

    That is beautiful, Dad. Thank you.

  • David Henrikson

    Hi Julie… I saw your typewriter/needlepoint in your living room, and now I see them on your blog. I cannot think of a clever way to comment, but will say this. Sometimes we type in ordinary, everyday words, and the words come out as a bouquet. Good work, Julie. Dad

  • Beth Elliott

    I love this sweet tableau. Thank you for sharing about your struggles with your rhino. We all struggle with something and it is encouraging to see fellow travelers keeping on with the fight. Love you!


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