On a day when much is on my mind, most of it limited to the life and work inside these walls, I looked up from my computer and this caught my eye:

listen to your world-shorts and longs-julie rybarczykAnd it seemed like an especially good day to let that soak in.

I’ve never believed that we must all agree on much of anything. I happen to think the debate is healthy. I think many voices are needed. I often find that the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Or somewhere way off to the side, not even on the spectrum at all.

Maybe I’m wrong. Or weird.

Even so, as I notice what’s going on out there today, I guess it seems like a good day to weed out as much of my own personal static as possible. My own assumptions. Convictions. Fears. Filters. Desires. Demands. Distractions. Selfishness. And incessant spinning thoughts.

And just listen.

To our world.

To our hearts.

To our history.

To our hopes.

To our desperation.

To our breath.

To that voice that speaks so quietly, and only when we give it the time and space it needs.

And deserves.

Here’s to listening, friends. And here’s to hoping we can have the grace and courage to hear what’s actually there. Because maybe then, the responding will happen a lot more naturally.

Or supernaturally.


P.S. This friend of mine has been listening hard. And responding. He’s running the frickin’ GRAND CANYON this Sunday because he heard the pleas of women in slavery. Wow. Listen to that. And, Go Steve.

P.P.S. I do remember listening to this about Syria a few weeks ago. It comes to mind again today, especially while I’m wondering what’s for dinner. Just saying.


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