So today is that day that only comes around once every handful of years. How’d it go for you?

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Mine was…a bit of a blur.

Outside, the snow and freezing rain turned the world white, granting practically every kid in town a snow day.

Except R-kids.

SUCH a drag for them.

I’m sure we broke some sort of record because do you have any idea what the chances are that the first snowstorm of this bizarre winter would become an *actual snow day* here in the land of 10,000 snow plows?! Only on Leap Day. Every 300 years or so.

As for me, I looked out the window at the piles of white and walked right straight back to my office because there was no stinking way I was heading out there to shovel. I was weathering my own storm.

I am talking * the * worst * most * painful * tonsil * I have ever experienced. Like off the charts, I-want-to-cry-like-a-baby pain.


I just have to say. I know that some of you out there live with pain every single day. I have so much empathy for you. Respect. Awe. Grace! At one point I had to leave the house and drive R-boy to a haircut and I literally felt like – OK world, listen up. You all better stay WAY out of my way because I have absolutely zero tolerance and capacity for any of my buttons to be pushed right now. I am walking a very thin line and it’s all I can do to stay on it. So BACK. OFF.

And if I had to do that every day?


Anyway, around 5 o’clock tonight, the pain started subsiding just enough for me to actually eat something. I think the herbs and supplements Dr. Brad prescribed are finally kicking in. THANK YOU, JESUS.

So I’m off to crash in front of American Idol and see if anyone can blow me away, while hoping and praying this tonsil thing is on the way out.

Hope you all had a great Leap Day!


P.S. Thank you, thank you, thank you to the two angels who surprised me by shoveling all my sidewalks and driveway AND scraping off my car: neighbor Mathew and R-kids’ dad!!

by julie rybarczyk