It’s been a great weekend, and it’s only Saturday night. Not sure what could be better than that. The fun started yesterday when the girls and I kicked off a 24-hour break in honor of Heather’s birthday (that’s a whole nother blog post). Our still-not-long-enough retreat wrapped up around noon today, leaving me with five free hours before R-kids would return from their dad’s.

So I showed up at Em’s, armed with her Starbuck’s beverage of choice and a simple request:

showing up for hair | the both and | shorts and longs

It was time.

I haven’t left the house in weeks without a hat on. The hair-highlighting money is tied up with other endeavors (most having to do with health of one kind or another…). And, on top of all that, I am soooo ready for a change. In more than just my living room.

It’s time to get back to my roots.

I mean, this is beyond ridiculous:

before hair | the both and | shorts and longs copyGrossssss.

As usual, deciding to go for it turned out to be the easy part. Getting to Emily’s front door with all those supplies in hand was such a major pain that if I hadn’t been so absolutely sure I needed this new hair, I would have quit halfway through.

(And why, you ask, was Emily doing my hair at all? By order of my stylist, who basically said it’s a DIY project, and to come back for the highlights if/when I need them. Love her!)

Actually I had all the supplies except one—the little color-squirter bottle—and finding one involved stopping at three different stores, getting banned from a certain beauty-supply shop (apparently it’s dangerous to sell non-stylists plastic bottles), and raiding the cake-decorating section at JoAnn Fabrics (thanks for the brilliant idea, Em!).

hair supplies | the both and | shorts and longs

Once all the paraphenalia was finally sitting on Em’s table, things took off from there. No turning back now!

hair process | the both and | shorts and longs

Thanks for being brave with me, Em.


Ready for the newer me?




hair after | the both and | shorts and longsIt




hair after2 | the both and | shorts and longsby julie rybarczyk

“After” photos by R-girl


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