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Happy, happy birthday, friend.

You are…
the mocha to my tea.
the extra to my intra.
the sugar to my salt.
the aqua to my pink.
the squeal to my steal.
the giggle to my joke.
the bubbly to my shy.
the insight to my oversight.
the stylist to my hair.
the hug to my hurts.

You are my friend, and I’m so glad you were born! Have a super great day today, girl. Enjoy!!!!

And forget about the frigid day. Just imagine yourself here once again…

emily dancing | the both and | shorts and longs



  • Marianne

    Happy Birthday Emily! In time you gals will experience the joy of seeing your children have adult more-than-great friends — kindred spirits, really — that equals the joy of seeing your children’s children not only through your own eyes, but through theirs! God bless!

  • Julie

    Hahaha, if you’re 53 then I’m… Hey – no fair!

    I love this picture of you with the hat. Your beautiful blue eyes, your smile, your enthusiasm – in motion – while discovering some new second-hand treasure, your fashion, your hair, and yes, your mocha in your hand. Love it. Love you!

  • emily haataja

    Thanks Julie! How sweet – birthday girl I am. With lots of ones – and now a 5 and a 3 in my age. Yes, I am 53.

    Cute words – made me smile this morning. Will keep squealing with you. Love you friend.


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