stray shopping carts | the both and | shorts and longs | julie rybarczykR-kids and I took this picture tonight in the far corner of the grocery-store parking lot. The entire place looked the same way. The visual reminded us of confused sheep.

Or cow tipping.

The wind has been blowing like a jet engine for hours now. At first it was intriguing, and funny. It stole our breath as we ran from errand to errand. It held the car doors shut so we could barely get in, as we giggled and gasped for air. The little flocks of confused shopping carts made us laugh—we had to dodge them as they rolled bewilderedly around the parking lot.

But now the wind just feels grating.

Like my brain can’t fully engage with anything else because it’s constantly monitoring the dull roar that is shaking the windows, threatening to pick up a random branch and whip it right on through.

I have that feeling I get when two people are talking to me at one time.

It’s already been a hard week for my heart, and somehow it’s like the wind is stripping away the meager layer of protection I had managed to pull together.

Is that crazy?

Perhaps. But that’s where it’s at.

I feel a bit like the poor kid at the grocery store who had been sent outside to frantically chase down the stray carts. Like everything that was at least loosely under control a few hours ago is now rolling around wildly, and there’s no way to pull it all back together.

Guess it’s one of those days when life blows in uninvited and just won’t let up.

Okay then. Looks like it’s time for a couple more layers of protection here. I just grabbed two extra winter blankets from the basement shelves and I’m going to wrap myself up in some big, thick, heavy weight and head toward a deep sleep. If R-kids were feeling raw and exposed, I’d do something similar for them. At least it’s a start.

Goodnight all. Here’s hoping it all blows over soon.

by julie rybarczyk


  • emily

    Friend – I am all for this blowing over – and soon. Want this weather pattern to shift for you. Big time. Love you.

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    October 27, 2010 - 12:46 pm
  • Julie

    I’m headed to sleep, but I just remembered this quote I came across today:

    “Sleep is when all the unsorted stuff comes flying out as from a dustbin upset in a high wind”
    – William G. Golding



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