This daughter of mine only asked me for two things for her 21st birthday (which is today):

1) A ticket to Hamilton in New York City.
The girl dreams big. But, to be fair, she also offered the exact same gift to me for MY birthday. Soooo…. This is happening. In September.

Dramatic pause.


Okay. Pulling myself together. Whose birthday is this anyway? Back to Alex’s birthday wish list:

2) Lots of drinking.
This is her 21st birthday, after all. But, in fabulous Alex fashion, she’s mixing things up. She’s hoping that other people can do the heavy drinking for her—people who don’t normally have that luxury. And her beverage of choice is fresh, clean drinking water.

So. My gift to Alex is to ask you to join her campaign: Give some clean drinking water to people in need—and help Alex meet her birthday goal of $2100.

It’s easy. It’s clean. It’s downright refreshing.

And 100% of your donation goes straight to providing drinking water through charity: water.

Check it out here and donate today!

Thank you so much, friends! Cheers to clean, safe drinking water! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ALEX!!!

P.S. I don’t remember if this picture was her exact age—but I do know this is the exact spot—where R-girl once set up a cute little lemonade stand to raise money on behalf of tigers, her favorite animal at the time. (Which, she learned, were threatened by extinction.) It wasn’t your typical lemonade stand, but she’s never been the typical girl.

This was just an early example of some of Alex’s longtime loves: creating an experience, creating in general, being a businesswoman, being generous, and being different. I can’t wait to see where those passions take her next.

Happy birthday, sweet Alex.

You are something special and you are loved like mad. Drink it in.


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