I have a friend
whose heart is as
deep and wide
and true
as the ocean she loves.

Her name is Jamie.

Jamie has a strength
that puts men twice her size
to shame.

And courage.
Oh my, yes.

the courage she has
she never really wanted,
which, I believe,
is the bravest kind of all.

Also, like several of the
most beautiful people I know,
Jamie knows pain.
It’s been an unwelcome companion
that has bullied
her body and, sometimes,
her heart.

But it’s never,
gotten the best of her.


Jamie is too strong for that.

Instead, somehow,
she has always saved the best of her
for the rest of us.

…for those of us who get to enjoy her contagious laugh,
her five-star hospitality,
her magical green thumb,
her impeccable style,
her masterful discount-shopping,
her boundless compassion,
and that sparkling smile.

…for those of us who have walked beaches alongside her,
as she gathers fragile,
bits of beauty
that other, more ordinary people
know only as

Jamie, you are an inspiration
and you are loved.
The best of you.
The worst of you.
And absolutely everything in between.



Today is the birthday of my beautiful, exceptional friend Jamie. I hope you have at least one friend like her. And I hope no one else ever in the history of the world has to spend a birthday the way she is right now: fighting the fight of her life against the nasty bully of cancer. Grrrrr!

Good thing she’s one of the strong ones.

Here’s to many more beach walks and waaaaaay better birthdays to come, Jamie!






  • Niki Klein

    Beautifully said about beautiful Jamie! We are praying and trusting for those beautiful birthdays by the beach!

  • Lana Jorgenson

    Such a beautiful tribute to a beautiful friend and friendship. All who know Jamie are saying, “yes, yes, I wish I had said that!” To know her is to love her. We are praying for her and wishing her much better birthdays to come.


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