What’s this I hear? The challenge is on? Well, fasten your seat belts because I’ve got one too. It’s called get online and start taking care of business.


For the last two weeks I’ve been a Craigslist furniture diva, wheelin’ and dealin’ my way into some extra spending money (aka decorating money). Here’s a peek at what I’ve accomplished:

SOLD: Two slightly chipped-up, solid-wood benches, $10 each


SOLD: One two-ton (approximately), broken, cracked, brushed stainless steel tabletop with four legs, $20

I bought the table and benches above from an Eddie Bauer store that was switching out their display tables. Emily bought a few too, but I’ll leave her story to her. (!!) After lugging the insanely heavy tables halfway across the mall at 10:00 at night, somehow getting them into my car (thanks Mr. K!), practically burning out the backs of four men who attempted in various ways to get them into my new studio—and who eventually tore off the legs to fit the monster up the stairs—I decided I didn’t like the tables up here.

(I know. Annoying.)

I begged another muscle man to drag the table back downstairs and then listed the various pieces under “materials” and “furniture” on Craiglist. It all sold within two days. Bottom line: I paid $45 and got $40 back. Not bad. I mean the quest for the perfect studio solution takes some trial and error, right?


SOLD: One antique cedar chest that came with my 1940s house, $150

This chest was at the foot of my bed for a few years and, love it though I did, it was time to make a change. And some cash. I’m not sure how old this chest actually is, and it’s possible the couple who bought it got a REALLY great deal on it, but I was happy with the seven twenties and the one ten they put in my hands.


NOT SOLD: Antique dresser

Yeah…. This one got a little nutty. This beautiful mahogany piece also came with my house. I’ve been trying to research it, but couldn’t nail it down. It’s solid. Gorgeous. Just a little dinged up here and there. I decided to see if I could earn me some new decorating dollars so I listed this baby for $350, and wrote in the description that I was pretty sure it was from the 1940s or so (a wild guess).

Got an email the next morning from a Craigslist reader that said simply:
That dresser is from the 1840s or 1860s.

Um, huh?

I wrote back:
Holy cow, are you serious???

He wrote:

Yeah… so, I googled mahogany antique dresser 1840s. Found a photo of a dresser almost exactly the same as mine. Listed on an antique site for $2650.


Thank you Mr. Craigslist angel!

I immediately raised the price to $1500, but I’m not sure I will part with this heirloom at all. Heck can you even imagine all the things this dresser has seen and held? Where it has been??? It’s got so many more secrets to share with me. I don’t think we can part now.


Bought: Huge, chunky, gold mirror, $40

Ever since Heather got me all worked up about my dream living room, I’ve been on the lookout for a big gold mirror—but the few I’ve seen have all been priced at $150 or more. That is, until this little deal popped up on my Craiglist screen last week. Three hours later my new over-the-couch mirror was in my car and headed to R-house, and that story is to be continued.


So… those are my Craigslist adventures so far, with more to come.

My challenge to you? Do a Craigslist deal this week, and post your story by Thursday. That means you, H & Em, and anyone else who’s up for the challenge! I can’t wait to hear. And don’t forget, there’s always the Craigslist “free stuff” category. I see some free stained rugs on there right now…

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