play time | shorts and longs | 3Hi friends! It’s spring break here this week, for R-kids at least, and just in time. Last week was a bit stressful on all accounts and we folks around here could sure use a nice, old-fashioned break.

Yesterday I was listening to one of my favorite speakers and he was teaching on this super-sophisticated spiritual practice that he recommends we all incorporate into our everyday lives.

He talked about how this discipline is crucial for our bodies, our minds, and  – especially – our souls.

He called it….


I think the definition he gave was something like, “purposeless, all-encompassing fun.”


Well if that’s the case, then I guess R-kids and I have some happy souls right now because we’ve been doing a lot of playing the past couple of days.

A late-night showing of the Hunger Games. (loved, loved, loved it!! will be seeing it at least one more time!)

Some favorite stores at the mall. (wow I was having major high school flashbacks in this one…)

play time | shorts and longs | 1
A couple yummy meals out.
A game of private pinball on the restaurant table.

play time | shorts and longs | 5

Ping pong.

And roller coaster after roller coaster at MOA, leaving me gasping for air from laughing and screaming so hard. Mid-roller-coaster ride, R-boy called me “Grandma” for all my screeching. Ha. He doesn’t realize what Grandma would actually be doing if she were on that ride.

Anyway, our goal this week is: purposeless, all-encompassing fun. As much as possible.

play time | shorts and longs | 4

Care to join?


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