Went to Buffalo last Friday with the girls, and my little pile of treasures is still sitting in the front room.

Could be because I’ve been working up here in the office almost nonstop since then (thank God for work, now can I have some sleep).

Or because there’s no one around – besides my kids – to drop subtle or not-so-subtle hints about moving that pile (and if I don’t move my pile, they might get out of moving theirs longer…).

Definitely could be that I’m not positive yet where and how I will use each little treasure, although I have my hunches.

For sure it’s partly just that I like the look of my pile. It’s a little snapshot of me—and my amazing 18-hour day with the girls.

Here are a couple more.

I am a total sucker for anything tin, metal and old. Especially if you can store things in it.

I am loving these necklaces by Junk Drawer Jewelry!

I almost, almost bought this dresser that’s been converted into an entertainment center. I can picture the curtain I would have hung across the top. And for only $80!

The four of us stopping to admire the floor that Heather wants in her kitchen one day. Yum.

Yep. It was.

All of these photos were taken at Secondhand Rose in Buffalo, MN. There is really no place like it on the first Friday morning of the month, with good friends, a to-go tea and a couple bucks to spend (and seriously that’s all it takes).

Thank you Rose and crew for being so talented and amazing and inspiring. What would we do without you?

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