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It’s the word a certain daughter in my house may or may not have said to me last night.

“I feel lumpy.

I think that sentence was immediately followed by something like, “Ugh.” And a lifeless flop onto the bed.

Which is weird. Because I honestly don’t think I’ve ever said that sentence to her. (That first one. I’ve definitely said the second one. Ugh.)

But I have said it.

“I feel lumpy.

Several times. Ok, possibly, many times. And I’ve heard it too. A very good friend and I both say that phrase to each other. And we know exactly what each other means.

Which might indicate…

Sometimes that is just the only phrase that covers it??

And it was particularly not surprising to hear my certain daughter say that word last night because…

I’ve been feeling kinda lumpy.


And so I am telling myself what I told her: Yeah, lumpy happens. And it passes. So while it’s here, just be nice to yourself. Be nice to yourself in the midst of the lumpy.

And go to sleep now…

(For myself I’ve also added the words, “Perhaps drag thyself down to Snap Fitness for some vitamin D in the tanning booth and okay also a little body movement too.”)


P.S. In talking with said daughter about this post, she noted, “I was wondering why you didn’t think it was weird when I said I feel lumpy.”

Apparently she and her good friend came up with the word together. They thought they invented it. Just as I and my good friend did.

Further proof that sometimes only that word will do?

I think so.



  • Julie

    Thought so.

  • emily

    She speaks my language!


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