Today was not the first time I’ve asked for no bun with my hot dog and received something like this in return:

hot dog | shorts and longs | julie rybarczyk

I’m sorry but that’s just wrong.

Nothing about that is hot dog-ish.

You know the cook was cursing under his breath at the ridiculousness of this, and I don’t blame him.

I’m sorry, people. I don’t eat wheat and I was craving a hot dog. What’s a girl to do??

But, Mr. Cook, I’m not clear why you don’t just slather all those condiments on top of the dog as you would if it were in a bun? I don’t mind a mess! And “no bun” does not mean “please don’t let anything touch my virgin hot dog.”


I really should start carrying wheat-free buns in my car.

(Or perhaps the foodie cafe that served me the yummy fries and silly hot dog should start carrying them?)


julie rybarczyk

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