People say,
you’ll know it
when you see it.

When you least expect it,
it will suddenly

When you stop trying 
you’ll start

But I say 
sometimes when you least expect it 
you realize
it’s time to get up 
and go.

Because you just heard 
yourself saying,
I think I probably love you, 
even though we haven’t met

so I’m packing
my bags,
and booking
my flights,
and coming
to you.

Ready or not.

And no,
you aren’t expecting me.
And, no,
you didn’t invite me.

But then again, 
maybe you did.

Either way.

Here I am

Breathing your air,
seeing your stars,
eating your food,
feeling your pulse,
and locking your eyes

as I fall under 
your spell
and wonder where you’ve been 
my whole life.

Knowing the answer is…
right where you are.

And did you feel it too?

Did you know,
like I did,
that we were made for 
each other?

That we share the same

That I’ve been
forever expanded
by your very presence?

That I will be back

to see you
once again.

In this place
or another.

Or another 
after that. 

Because we have so much left
to discover about ourselves,
about life,
about love.

And it seems only right
we do it

Here’s to finding your Paris, friends. Wherever that may be. xo