I can’t even count how many fabulous things have walked out my front door this past week, off to start a new life somewhere else.

house makeover - shorts and longs - julie rybarczyk

It’s been a week of letting go.
Honoring memories.
Clearing out.
Wondering what’s next.

And painting. Lots of painting.

There’s no plan here, people.

We’re just starting fresh and seeing where it leads.

R-kids say it feels like we just moved into a new house.

I agree. And I wonder what will make this place feel like home again?

To be continued…!



By the way, have I mentioned how much I love Craigslist? For me, it’s the online dating of home decor. You meet all kinds, and once in a while you have some incredible experiences. (Like this one!!)

Last week, a couple came to check out my old upright piano. The woman, who had shy eyes and a Russian accent, sat down to try it out. The moment she started playing, my knees almost buckled from the beauty of it.

The man with her turned to me and explained, casually, “Katya plays at Carnegie Hall. This will be her 15th year of performing a solo concert there.”

Uh, what?

“Yes,” he continued. “I have a Steinway in my apartment in New York City, but I’m looking for a piano she can play when we’re here in Minneapolis.” He casually mentioned that he is a master cellist who tours with her as well. In fact, they are playing two concerts in Minneapolis this weekend.

I’m sorry, what?

Who? What?

What are you doing here in my living room?

What is happening?!

Katya Grineva proceeded to play my piano for the next 20 minutes, and I stood there in awe.

katya - shorts and longsWhen she was finished, she declared that my humble upright was actually quite nice – that most uprights make her feel very frustrated, but this one didn’t.

I felt like I had been personally complimented.

It was amazing.

In the end, they found a piano they liked better, and my piano was claimed instead by my sweet neighbors with five young sons who will surely bang out wonderful, exuberant songs on it.

But those keys, and this living room, have been touched by the kind of music that truly moves the heart.

And the memory of that will linger for a long time.




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