When new life shows up,
all small and tangled
within the bleak, distracting
you’ve been mired in
for months…

When you find your heart soaring from
something as subtle as
the swell
of a branch
or the shift
of a shade
(from grey to
grey tinged with a blurry halo of

When hope is as tender as
a single blade of grass…

When the waiting is almost,
but. not. yet,

And when your knight in shining armor
shows up on a donkey,
not a stallion,
and also without
the shining armor…

That’s exactly when
you know you’d better not
look away.

Things are about to get good.

It doesn’t always happen that Holy Week and the first buds of spring arrive in Minnesota on almost exactly the same day, but this year they did.

Here’s to the hope of new life, friends.


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