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You know those conversations that you need to but don’t want to have because you know that once you do, some (small or large) chapter of your life is (probably) going to end or at least change significantly? You know how, once you drum up the courage, and the words have actually started to fall off […]

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Lately, because I have bumped up against a few, I’ve been thinking about lies. Or maybe I’m actually thinking about truth. Like how easy it is to twist it or color it or withhold it or reframe it or ration it or hide it. And yet how none of those things can actually change it. (Or […]

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This used to be me, a few short days ago, but it’s not me anymore. Let me explain. I didn’t start out my weekend planning on different hair. Well, not much different, at least. I won’t bore you with the details of how I colored my own hair on Thursday night, wanting to go back to my slightly darker look from this fall, and how […]

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